About Us

Grandma’s House

I'm Lisa, the founder, and CEO of Grandma’s House, a clothing and accessories brand founded in 2019 that offers authentic, high quality, apparel and accessories. When I became a grandmother to my grandson, becoming a grandparent gave me new purpose a love I could have never imagined I was overwhelmed with joy, and I wanted the world to know how proud I am! My daughter is a young mother as her mother it is essential that I help her raise my grandchildren. This allows me to be more hands on with them which is pertinent to there growth. Grandmother's and Great Grandmother's play a profound role in our families for many generations we are nurturers and strong pillars of love, courage, and strength! I want every grandmother and great grandmother to feel loved, appreciated by paying homage to us and know they are pertinent to our families and Grandchildren. 

 Think about this; the clothes you wear relay a resounding message of how you view yourself. At Grandma’s house, we believe Grandmother's should feel and look stunningly gorgeous in fashionable clothing that reflects their personality, individuality, and promotes self-love. That’s why we are incredibly keen on the kind of clothing and accessories we stock.

Our mission is to be a great and reliable resource of quality Apparel and accessories that make Grandmother's feel valued while paying homage to  grandmothers, some of whom raised us and made us to who we are today.

Every one of us loves to belong to a loving and supportive family. In this view, Grandma's house is built on an intense desire to give our customers a profound sense of belonging. We are Based In the United States and strive to provide products that evoke in our customers feelings reminiscent of the warm, nostalgic memories of visiting one’s grandmother’s house and being pampered with love, kindness, and laughter.

Our vision is to become a household name and an imposing icon symbolizing family, love, and to be the ideal place to go to for all your clothing and accessory needs.

 Excellent customer service is a prime priority for our business. We treat all our customers with kindness, dignity, and respect without exception. We treat you warmly from the point you contact us to the time you place your order and check out, giving a remarkable human touch to our business, comparable with a grandmother’s loving hug. Shop with us today for the best quality products and fulfilling experience like no other.  

We thank you for your support.